Sea Keys


A review of what we did each week of the habitat themes. Each day-group’s summary activity will be featured here. To see pictures from each day, check out the July Theme Weeks page to see the posts from each day.

End-of-July Update:

Three weeks of studying habitats gave us inspiration for a bunch of different activities, from dramatic plays to lyrical poetry! We learned about the  biotic and abiotic factors that influence environments and what happens when one element in an ecosystem changes. From our exploration of beaches and piers, we came in contact with the Salish Sea’s creatures in their natural habitat.

To show off their new-found knowledge, the last week of July was the Ecosystem Amazing Race. A series of clues led them to challenges including Jeopardy, map-making and teambuilding, based on everything we covered this month. For a refresher on what we learned, check out the Jeopardy game powerpoint and test yourself. Or just enjoy the artistic exhibits designed by the youth!

Youth Oceaneer Summer Jeopardy ppt


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