Kelp forests and eelgrass meadows: July 20th-23rd

IMG_6328This week’s theme looks at two very important coastal habitats that rely on a few species of vegetation. We will be going on a field trip to Patricia Bay with guest oceaneer Mikes Patterson, so make sure you have your permission slip signed and your rubber boots ready.

July 20th

July 21st

July 22nd

July 23rd

The tides this week were dismal, but we persevered and explored Pat Bay inspite of the high water. With the help of Mikes and Beth, we had the chance to see the calmer, protected side of the peninsula and a sandy bay to boot. It took some squelching with flooded boots, some relocating along the beach and a lot of untangling seaweed from nets, but we found some interesting creatures and had a good time! We also did some seaweed identification and kelp forest observation from the pier when we could. In August we will hopefully head back to Pat Bay with a lower tide and find some different creatures, but for now the shore crabs, jellies, snails and sculpins are enough.


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